Their Cancer – Your Journey

Their Cancer - Your JourneyMillions of cases of cancer are diagnosed every year. The rate continues to increase year on year, as people live longer. More and more of us can expect to be diagnosed with the disease at some time in our lives. The prediction is currently a daunting one in three. The reduction in death rates for some cancers does nothing to lessen the fear and trauma experienced as a result of a cancer diagnosis. And for every person diagnosed with cancer there is a hidden tale to tell: of those around them who are also affected – partners, children, siblings, parents or friends. Each of them has their own experience. They may not have cancer in their own bodies, but their lives are also thrown into turmoil.

‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’ looks upon a diagnosis of cancer as the beginning of a journey – one that has been forced upon you. Anne Orchard supports you in adapting to the shock of diagnosis, and gives perspective on the situation in which you find yourself. ‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’ addresses ways to gain information and advises on practical issues that may arise as part of the illness or the treatment. It shows you ways to process and release the strong emotions that arise during your journey. You will be able to build a stronger foundation for your new life when the person who has cancer recovers – or find comfort and coping strategies if the outcome is bereavement. This book will support you in gaining a better outcome from your journey.

To buy the paperback from Amazon in the UK, click here, in the US click here.

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