Are you in the Cancer Fallout Zone?

  • If someone you care about has cancer
  • If that person’s cancer affects your life
  • If you need more cancer care information
  • If you want someone to listen to you and your needs
  • If you are feeling lost and alone

. . . then you are in the cancer fallout zone.

This can be a scary place, we know.

At Families Facing Cancer you have found a place of shelter in the fallout zone, a carers respite.

You’ve reached a place to find the information you need, a community of others on similar journeys to yours with whom you can share feelings and advice, and access to resources to support you as you travel.

We have recently suffered an attack on our website and are having to rebuild it. Please be patient with us while we reconstruct this resource. In the meantime you might wish to visit the articles on our blog or get in touch with us with your question. The more you can help us to learn what you need, the faster and better this resource will recover.

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